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Helena Curulla-Matosas

It was the year 1990, a time of change. The crazy hairdos of the 70's and the colorful prints of the 80's gave way to the more subdued corduroy and jeans. Technology was picking up speed, ready to make an unimaginable boom. And the end of. the world was still 10 years away. Oblivious to these important developments, in a hospital in Barcelona, I decided it was the perfect time to grace the world with my presence.

As it usually happens, time went by and from an adorable baby, I evolved into a (somewhat less adorable) pre-teen. I went to the German School of Barcelona, where they tried to teach me mathematics and managed to teach me German, English, history, and other stuff important to reach graduation. After finishing my degree in Audiovisual Communication at the UAB in 2013, I started my professional career. This brings us.... practically to the present day.

You could say that I have been writing all my life. It would be an exaggeration (I didn't know how to write for a number of years and I didn't become a storyteller after learning my ABCs) but the sentence conveys the right idea regardless. Writing has been my passion for almost 20 years. In 2008 that devotion was rewarded through EdicionesB's "Escritura Desatada" contest, which resulted in the publication of my first novel "El Trono Caído", a fantasy work aimed at young teenagers.

Other things I've written include the short film HADO (co-scripted with Eric Mendo), which was nominated for best screenplay in the SGAE Nova Autoría category at the Sitges Film Festival (2013). As well as the translation into Spanish of Carolynn Gockel's novel "I bring the fire - Wolves". For 4 years I worked as a magazine editor at Editorial MIC, where I was in charge of writing, translating, and editing texts for various publications. I have also been collaborating for over five years with the online magazine Wall Street International. 

Passionate about animated films, musicals, and DIY, self-taught and proactive, I live, like any self-respecting writer, in a nest of books and notebooks, perpetually glued to a keyboard.

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