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Dear Visitor

We welcome you ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, and non-binary folk to this little corner of the World Wide Web called GhelikGraphicGroup, designed for your personal enjoyment.

At GGG, we offer exciting stories, fantastic translations, and several editing services that we hope will fill your ocular glands, neurons, and even your tastebuds with delight. 

Please feel free to contact the author who is happy to be at your service for any comments, opinions, or requests. For you know the saying: "feedback is the food of artists."*

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by everything you find at GGG, and we sincerely thank you for your visit.

Kind Regards:                 
Ghelik Black
Helena Curulla-Matosas

*Not to be taken literally.

Please remember to feed and water your artist regularly.

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