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Most of these works are on different stages of development

La Ruta

In the middle of editing process.

Ten years ago three friends left their country in search of a better future. One of them went north where people are more serious and hard-working. Another went east, where there are more opportunities. The third went west, where people pull themselves up by their bootstraps.


Then the world ended.




Space-opera that combines science ficction and norse mythology.


Sigyn Gerddóttir is the heir to the throne of Gefjunland. She's bethroted to the love of her life and a master witch. Her life is pretty much perfect. In order to become queen, tho, she must spend a decade in Asgardr, as Lady-in-Waiting to the renowned Queen Victorious. 


Soon she discovers a plot to destabilize Asgardr's power and must decide where her loyalty lies. 


Retelling of popular fairitales through the eyes of Red, Wolf and Fox.


Winner of the price Joven Promesa this YA book was published in November 2008.

It tells the story of James, whose life gets upended when a mysterious creature called Shenak saves his life.

Slowly, James discovers he's part of an old prophecy written by the God of Time many centuries before. A prophecy that will bring the end to the war for the Contintent.

published in


The fall of Sarosh

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi story set in a world where only five city-states survive.

The story is set in Sarosh, where Astrid Cougar awaits trial for treason. And in the quietness of her cell, she writes the story of her city, of the dreams and hopes that rose in a fiery revolution and of the end of a city she loves dearly.

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