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Gaia meets the Gods

She came to be in a dark and harsh realm. She pushed and kicked herself out of the bowels of the earth. Around her, everything was harsh, cold, and dark. She spat and stood on shaky legs and started walking. She stumbled about, tearing her skin open on the razor-sharp rocks covering the ground. She walked without noticing that her blood turned into small green creatures, straining against the darkness, desperate for light.

She fell often, and every time she pushed herself up. She didn’t know what she was looking for in the never-ending darkness of her realm, but she knew she wouldn't stop until she found it.

At some point, she stumbled, the ground disappeared from beneath her feet, and she fell, tumbling down, rolling head-over-heels and heels-over-head until she finally crashed on the crass sands at the bottom of the deep ravine. She tried to catch her breath. Everything hurt, and tears pooled in her eyes until they overflew and created rivers on her face. The ground drank her tears greedily, the sand becoming muddy around her.

She cried and cried until the water around her started lapping at her injured skin, its coolness taking some of the pain away. She drank some of the water. Feeling slightly better, she climbed to her feet, wadding out of the sea she had created, and continued on her way.


The first thing she noticed was the change in smell. For the first time, her nose got a scent, and it was warm and inviting. She followed her nose, imagining a feast spread out for her. She hadn't known hunger until that moment, but now she knew she was ravenous.

Then she heard something, a faint sound that grew louder with each step. She hadn't known loneliness until this moment, and now she knew she wanted to partake in all those strange sounds that echoed in the perpetual night that surrounded her.

Two long and dark shadows appeared on the already dark and shadowy world she had been born to, something hanging between then and moving slightly as if beaconing her towards it. For a moment, she was scared, unsure whether to continue or flee towards the familiar nothingness. Maybe, she thought, she could visit the ocean she had cried, instead of going towards the unknown thing.

From the unknown thing came the sound and the smell, and she was curious. She licked her lips and took another step forward, curiosity trumping fear - longing devouring her insecurity.

When she reached it, the hanging thing was smooth against her skin; it glided through her fingers with a softness she had never felt before. Careful not to tear it, she pushed it aside and was assaulted by a sudden whiteness that blinded her. She stumbled back, covering her eyes, a pitiful sound escaping her lips.

When her eyes got used to the harshness and warmth of the light, she found herself in a large room with rug-covered floors and a vaulted roof hiding the sky from her. Other creatures were standing on two and four legs around the big room, taking her in with big, curious eyes; they were gathered in groups or alone, spread over sparkly couches, sitting on fluffy pillows.

She smiled, warm happiness unfurling in her belly. Behind her, large plants grew from the bloody footprints she had left on the soft rugs. Now she knew: these creatures, this place, was what she had been looking for since her birth and, now, she was home.

A small, roundish creature stepped towards her. He touched his chest and said with a deep, rumbling voice and a bright smile on his red face: "Bor." She smiled back, and out of her mouth fell her own name: "Gaia."

Other creatures stepped closer: a tall female with dark skin and even darker hair, sparkling eyes, and a breathtaking smile filled with shining white teeth put her hand on Gaia's shoulder. And, she suddenly understood all the creatures around her. The female, Väc, caressed her face before making room for others.

"We are Gods," explained one of them, "And we have been waiting for you."

They took her to a long table and sat her on a comfortable chair. A short, fat man, Bacco, presented her with a glass of wine. It was hot and cold at the same time, sending a tingling sensation through her aching limbs and numbing the pain. She kissed Bacco's head in thanks, and he walked away with a satisfied smile for, if Väc's gift of speech had been Gaia's first present, the glass would forever be her second.

A thin, sad-looking man knelt beside her chair and washed her feet with great care.

Other Gods approached her, showering her with presents: covering her in warm skins and cotton flowers that turned into skirts around her legs. They presented meat to fill her stomach and juicy fruits. They gave her music and sleep and laughter and wove beautiful stories that made her laugh and cry and imagine the most beautiful creatures.

Gaia was happy for the first time in her life, and, in thanks, she gave her family of Gods great mountains covered in trees and flowers and creatures they could hunt, creatures that would make them company and worship them.

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